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“Savory Made Simple totally changed the way my husband and I eat! Although we both enjoy cooking, our busy schedules made it hard to get into a good routine. Before subscribing we were eating out more often than not and spending way too much money at restaurants and on groceries we wouldn’t use. Savory Made Simple has actually saved us money by making it so easy to make ourselves a restaurant-quality dinner. We tried a few other meal subscription services, but absolutely loved how Savory Made Simple focused on quality (especially high-quality meats) and unique education, teaching us how to cook in ways we never would have tried on our own. We can’t thank Chef Kat enough!” Maggie Waller


“When my wife and I have the conversation “what you would do if you won the lottery”, top on our list is to get a personal chef. Well, the chances of us winning the lottery are astronomical but you have made our dream of having a personal chef come true. Your food is far superior to any restaurant we have ever been to and we have the pleasure of cooking it from the comfort of our own home. Thank you so much!”Ross Babbit

Savory Made Simple has helped me so much. I never really learned to cook and until I hit my 30’s, I thought it was cute that I didnt know how. One of the barriers of learnig how to cook is being overwhelmed by menu selection and know how. I would get so overwhelmed by the cost of buying a spice for one meal, finding ingredients, and then understanding how to cook them, that I just ended up eating out most of the time. As a healthcare provider, I felt really guilty, hypocritical even, about this.

Now I get to cook my meals myself, with love. Love is an important ingredient in food! I get to nourish myself by being in the kitchen with my food and then eating that food. As a single person the portions work out to be perfect and nothing goes bad. I don’t end up with wilted lettuce and funky broccoli anymore. I hated wasting food but not as much as I hated cooking!

Thanks Savory Made Simple!”

Amy Thornton, M.S., LAc. Inner Spark Acupuncture

Savory Made Simple has helped us out in so many ways. My husband and I are both business owners. With working from home there have been so many transitions. I would often find myself working through the day and then having nothing ready for dinner at night and feeling so much guilt. But one of the biggest things we teach our clients is about stepping into the CEO role. This means truly making sure you have your business and life set up so that you can operate at your highest level. From delegating out work that you are not best in the world at to making sure you have the support you need to grow your business to the level you desire. This is where Savory made simple came in, I wanted to make sure that my husband and I always had top quality meals available. I am not best in the world at cooking so it was time to delegate!
I tried a bunch of different meal services before Kat, and the quality wasn’t great, taste was off, and I really just wanted something where I knew that the ingredients that were sourced were top notch. When I saw her doing this, I knew that this would be exactly what we needed. It has not only saved us money (take-out used to be on speed dial), but we feel more healthy and truly get excited about what we are eating!”
Lindsey Morando
“I’ve never been a meal planning type. When I make dinner for me and my husband, it’s usually “what sounds good?” and then “what do we have in the fridge?” We’re open to all different kinds of cuisine and ingredients, but we never really have everything we need. With Savory Made Simple, I don’t have to plan, I don’t have to go track down random ingredients, and I know Katherine Humphus is a culinary genius, so the food will be delicious.”
Sydney Williams
“As a busy professional, I don’t have a lot of time to go grocery shopping or seek out high quality ingredients. Ordering from Savory Made Simple has been so convenient and has made my hectic schedule less stressful. The recipes Chef Kat provides are always inventive, easy to follow, and make me feel like I’m cooking a 5 star dinner. For someone like me who is short on time, loves great food, and wants to learn more from a professional chef, Savory Made Simple is a no brainer.”
Merritte Powell, Restaurant Owner
“I absolutely LOVE Savory Made Simple! I’ve tried many other meal delivery services and none can compare to the quality and flavor that Chef Kat puts into her dishes. Her vast culinary experience shows and all I have to say is that you’re taste buds are in for a flavorful surprise, enjoy!”
Nick Unsworth, CEO Life on Fire
“Thank you for such delicious dinners.  Oh and before I forget; my husband had signed up for a discounted Blue Apron trial before I found your service, and I wanted to let you know that your serving sizes are way more generous (and realistic!).  That, plus local plus recycling the boxes/coolers, plus yummy options, plus organic produce makes your service at a WAY better option.
Elizabeth A
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