Hi! Chef Kat here 🙂 I know that you probably have a ton of questions about Savory Made Simple and how this works.

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What is a meal kit delivery service?

Why I left celebrity chef stardom to start a meal kit delivery service.

Getting started with Savory Made Simple

What comes in a Savory Made Simple Meal kit?

You get ALL the ingredients needed to prepare 3 great recipes (except salt, pepper, olive oil, butter, and eggs – you’ve got that covered, right?) for 2 or 4 people. I personally source all of the ingredients to be of the highest standards! They come pre-measured (so you just get to throw ’em in!), along with step by step recipes demonstrating exactly how to use them. Our meal kits come with ice packs and insulation, ensuring that your ingredients stay nice and cold if they arrive before you get home.


What are your quality standards?

I personally source all of the ingredients to be of the highest standards!  I have partnered with local farms and suppliers, and use Certified Organic food as often as possible. Some food cannot be labeled as Certified Organic in the U.S., but we  use organic (there is a difference between “Certified Organic” and “Organic”) produce, and food that is non GMO, pesticide & hormone free, responsibly raised, and sustainably sourced.  If I wouldn’t eat it, I’m certainly not serving it to you!


How many people does a Savory Made Simple Meal Kit Feed?

Each “Savory Made Simple Meal Kit” contains the ingredients for 3 unique recipes, with 2 servings per recipe. There are 6 total portions in your kit.

You can also order the “family sized” meal kit which contains the ingredients for 3 unique recipes, with 4 servings per recipe, for a total of 12 portions per family meal kit.


Are these meals healthy for me?

All meals feature nutrient dense, wholesome ingredients, that are free of pesticides, growth hormones, and are never GMO. Calorie counts and Nutritional Information are available in the members area (check your email for your log in info!)


What if I have a specific allergy?

I take GREAT pride in our exceptionally clean workspace and packaging facility, where I personally put care and attention into every single item. That being said, all of the ingredients are prepared in the same facility, including our gluten and non-gluten containing meal kits. If you have a serious allergy to ANY ingredient (including a Gluten Intolerance like Celiacs) then Savory Made Simple may not be the best option for you. Please feel free to contact me with any specific questions.


What type of equipment do I need at home?

All recipes can be prepared with basic kitchen equipment -a working stove and oven, a cutting board, a knife, a vegetable peeler, pots and pans, a spoon and a spatula, a whisk, and a zester. If you do not have a grill and there is a “grilled” menu item, we will give you a back up method of cooking! Visit our “Getting Started with Savory Made Simple” blog here! 


Is Savory Made Simple available in my city?

Right now, Savory Made Simple is only available for those residing in California – however it won’t be long at all before we expand the reach.  If you don’t live in California but are interested in becoming a customer please email me at [email protected]


How much is shipping?

It’s complimentary! No cost to you for shipping anywhere in California 🙂